Good Hostess – Children’s Story by Valentina Oseeva

The Story of “Good Hostess” by Valentina Oseeva

“Good Hostess” is a story by the writer Valentina Oseeva, reminding us to cherish friendships if we do not want to be alienated from others.

Once upon a time, nestled in a tranquil village, lived a young girl whose kindness was as renowned as the morning sun. Her dearest companion was a magnificent cockerel who greeted each new day with a joyful chorus of “Ku-ka-re-ku!” Their bond was strong, and they shared their mornings amid the scattered yard debris, basking in the warmth of their friendship. This cockerel was truly exceptional, boasting feathers that gleamed like oil and a comb that shone like polished gold.

One fateful day, while casting her gaze upon her neighbor’s farm, the girl was captivated by the sight of an enchanting chicken. Her heart swelled with desire, and she couldn’t resist approaching her neighbor with a proposal. She smiled and said, “Neighbor, would you consider giving me that lovely chicken? In exchange, I’m willing to part with my cherished rooster.”

The cockerel, having overheard the conversation, lowered his head and drooped his comb, unable to hide his disappointment. But fate had its way, and the girl herself handed him over. The neighbor, recognizing the fairness of the exchange, agreed to the trade, and the rooster found a new home.

The Story of Good Hostess
The Story of Good Hostess

The girl soon formed a deep bond with her newfound chicken. Each morning, the fluffy and affectionate companion gifted her a warm, fresh egg—a token of their mutual affection. The girl cherished this daily ritual, consuming the eggs with gratitude and pampering the chicken with fresh water, gentle strokes, and nourishing millet. Their friendship blossomed with each passing day.

Yet, destiny had more twists in store. One day, the neighbor arrived once again, this time with a charming duck as a guest. The girl was entranced by the duck’s charisma and couldn’t resist asking, “Neighbor, would you be willing to swap your delightful duck for my beloved chicken?”

The chicken, realizing the girl’s intentions, shed its feathers in sorrow. But, alas, there was no turning back. Once again, the girl gave away a cherished companion. The duck took the chicken’s place, and a new friendship was forged.

Children’s Story by Valentina Oseeva
Children’s Story by Valentina Oseeva

The girl and the duck became inseparable. They ventured to the nearby river together, where the girl would swim while the duck watched over her. “Tas-tas-tas, my dear mistress! Do take care and don’t venture too far-the riverbed is deep,” the duck would quack protectively. The girl heeded the advice and returned to the shore, with her faithful duck trailing closely behind.

However, the story took another unexpected turn when the neighbor returned, this time with an endearing puppy on a leash. The girl couldn’t resist the puppy’s undeniable charm and exclaimed, “Oh, what an adorable puppy you have! Would you consider trading it for my dear duck?”

The duck, upon hearing these words, flapped its wings in protest and emitted a mournful quack. Nevertheless, the deal was sealed, and the neighbor accepted the offer, tucked the duck under his arm, and departed.

Good Hostess by Valentina Oseeva
Good Hostess by Valentina Oseeva

Left with only the puppy, the girl realized the gravity of her actions. She spoke to her new companion, saying, “I once had a cockerel, for whom I traded a chicken. Then I had a chicken, for whom I traded a duck. And now, I’ve traded the duck for a puppy!”

The puppy, listening intently, tucked its tail and sought refuge beneath a bench. When night fell, it deftly opened the door with its paw and vanished into the darkness. Its parting words lingered in the girl’s ears, “I don’t want to be friends with such a mistress! She doesn’t know how to value friendship.”

The girl awoke the next morning, her heart heavy with remorse, realizing the priceless worth of true friendship. The lesson had come at a great cost, as she had lost those who had once been her steadfast companions. She was left with the poignant understanding that genuine friends were not to be traded or discarded lightly.

The Story of “Good hostess”
– Children’s Story by Valentina Oseeva-

Writer Valentina Oseeva
Writer Valentina Oseeva

The Moral Lesson of “Good Hostess”

Valentina Oseeva (Russian: Валентина Александровна Осеева) (1902 – 1969) was not merely a writer, but rather a literary figure whose works, whether short or extensive, resonated deeply with readers.

One of her notable works, “Good Hostess” (Russian: Добрая хозяюшка), penned in 1946, swiftly gained acclaim for its straightforward yet profoundly insightful content. The story conveys a powerful message, reminding us to cherish our friendships and relationships with others, emphasizing the importance of not taking our friends and companions for granted.

Through the protagonist’s repeated exchanges of friends for new ones driven by impulsive desires, the story vividly illustrates the emptiness of such choices when all her friends eventually depart. In essence, it imparts the lesson that friendship is a precious and irreplaceable bond, one that deserves our care and gratitude.

This narrative serves as a poignant reminder to be mindful of our actions and decisions, especially when they concern the people we hold dear, so as to avoid the painful experience of losing them and feeling utterly alone as a consequence.

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