Little Red Riding Hood – Grimm’s Fairy Tale

The Story of “Little Red Riding Hood”

“Little Red Riding Hood” is a Grimm’s fairy tale, reminding children to always remember their mother’s words and to be vigilant of strangers.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl who was known as Little Red Riding Hood because of the little red velvet cap she always wore. Her grandmother gave it to her as a gift because it suited her so well. Little Red Riding Hood was beloved by everyone, especially her grandmother.

One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother requested that she take a piece of cake and a bottle of wine to her ailing grandmother, who resided in the woods. Little Red Riding Hood promised to heed her mother’s warning and stay on the path, so as not to fall prey to any danger that lurked.

As she strolled along the trail, a wolf materialized before her. Oblivious to his malevolence, she did not feel any fear.

“Good day to you, Little Red Riding Hood,” the wolf said.

“Thank you, wolf,” Little Red Riding Hood replied.

“Where are you going so early, Little Red Riding Hood?” asked the wolf.

“I’m on my way to grandmother’s,” she replied.

“And what are you carrying under your apron?” inquired the wolf.

“Grandmother is sick and weak, so I’m taking her some cake and wine. We baked yesterday, and I hope they will give her strength,” Little Red Riding Hood explained.

“Little Red Riding Hood, just where does your grandmother live?” the wolf asked.

“Her house is a good quarter of an hour from here in the woods, under the three large oak trees. There’s a hedge of hazel bushes there. You must know the place,” Little Red Riding Hood said.

The wolf thought to himself, “Now there’s a tasty bite for me. Just how am I going to catch her?”

He said to Little Red Riding Hood, “Listen, haven’t you seen the beautiful flowers that are blossoming in the woods? Why don’t you go take a look? And I don’t believe you can hear how beautifully the birds are singing. You’re walking along as though you’re on your way to school in the village. It’s very beautiful in the woods.”

Little Red Riding Hood opened her eyes and saw the sunlight breaking through the trees, and how the ground was covered with beautiful flowers. She thought, “If I take a bouquet to grandmother, she will be very pleased. Anyway, it’s still early, and I’ll be home on time.” So she ran off into the woods looking for flowers.

Each time she picked one, she thought that she could see an even more beautiful one a little way off, and she ran after it, going further and further into the woods. Meanwhile, the wolf ran straight to the grandmother’s house and knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?” asked the grandmother.

“Little Red Riding Hood. I’m bringing you some cake and wine. Open the door for me,” the wolf replied, disguised as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.

“Just press the latch,” called out the grandmother. “I’m too weak to get up.”

The wolf pressed the latch, and the door opened. He stepped inside, went straight to the grandmother’s bed, and ate her up. Then he took her clothes, put them on, and put her cap on his head. He got into her bed and pulled the curtains shut.

After Little Red Riding Hood gathered all the flowers she could carry, she continued on her way to her grandmother’s house. When she arrived, she found the door open and walked inside. Everything looked so strange that she felt afraid, which was unusual because she usually loved visiting her grandmother. She went to the bed and pulled back the curtains.

To her surprise, she saw her grandmother lying there with her cap pulled down over her face and looking very strange.

“Oh, grandmother, what big ears you have!” Little Red Riding Hood exclaimed. “All the better to hear you with,” replied the wolf disguised as her grandmother.

“Oh, grandmother, what big eyes you have!” she said. “All the better to see you with,” said the wolf.

“Oh, grandmother, what big hands you have!” Little Red Riding Hood said. “All the better to grab you with!” the wolf replied.

“Oh, grandmother, what a horribly big mouth you have!” she exclaimed. “All the better to eat you with!” the wolf said, and he jumped out of bed and onto poor Little Red Riding Hood, eating her up.

After the wolf finished eating Little Red Riding Hood, he climbed back into bed, fell asleep, and began snoring loudly.

A huntsman was passing by and thought it was strange that the old woman was snoring so loudly, so he decided to investigate. He stepped inside and found the wolf lying in bed. “He has eaten the grandmother, but perhaps she still can be saved. I won’t shoot him,” the huntsman thought.

So he took a pair of scissors and cut open the wolf’s belly. He had cut only a few strokes when he saw the red cap shining through. He cut a little more, and Little Red Riding Hood jumped out, exclaiming, “Oh, I was so frightened! It was so dark inside the wolf’s body!” The grandmother also came out alive.

To ensure that the wolf would not harm anyone else, Little Red Riding Hood and the huntsman filled the wolf’s body with large heavy stones. When the wolf woke up and tried to run away, the stones were so heavy that he fell down dead.

The huntsman took the wolf’s pelt, and the grandmother ate the cake and drank the wine that Little Red Riding Hood had brought. Little Red Riding Hood promised herself that she would never leave the path and run off into the woods by herself if her mother tells her not to. And the three of them lived happily ever after.

The Story of “Little Red Riding Hood”
– Grimm’s Fairy Tale –

The Moral Lesson of “Little Red Riding Hood”

“Little Red Riding Hood”, also known as “Little Red Cap”, is a classic fairy tale that has been retold and adapted numerous times. While the moral lesson may differ based on interpretation, a prevalent theme is cautioning against trusting unfamiliar individuals.

Primarily, the moral lesson of “Little Red Riding Hood” serves as a warning to young children about the dangers of talking to strangers and straying from the path. This cautionary tale emphasizes the importance of heeding parental advice and being aware of potentially malicious individuals.

In the tale, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother advises her to avoid talking to strangers and to stay on the path while journeying through the forest to her grandmother’s house. Despite this warning, she encounters a wolf who deceives her into revealing her destination and subsequently devours her grandmother. Disguised as the elderly woman, the wolf tricks Little Red Riding Hood and lures her closer. Eventually, a woodsman intervenes and saves her from being eaten.

The story’s moral highlights the importance of vigilance around strangers and not granting unfounded trust. It demonstrates the need to be aware of one’s surroundings, obey parental advice, and stay on course to evade potential hazards. Additionally, it illuminates the consequences of neglecting such precautions, like falling prey to malevolent predators.

Another perspective emphasizes the value of bravery and self-advocacy. Despite her fear, Little Red Riding Hood is able to escape from the wolf with the help of the woodsman. This underscores the significance of being aware of danger and having the courage to take action to protect oneself and others.

In conclusion, “Little Red Riding Hood” imparts crucial life lessons for children, such as recognizing the perils of trusting strangers, following guidelines, and embracing bravery and courage.

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