Tatar Folktale of Three Daughters – The Story of Filial Piety

The Story of Three Daughters

“The Three Daughters” is a Tatar folk tale that teaches us filial piety through the different ways the daughters treated their sick mother.

Once upon a time, there was a mother who gave birth to three daughters. She had to work hard to raise her children. All three daughters grew up quickly and were as beautiful as the moon. Eventually, they all got married and moved out of their mother’s house.

Years went by, and the old mother fell seriously ill. She asked a Squirrel to go and see her daughters, telling him:

– Please tell my daughters to come to me immediately!

When the eldest daughter received the news of her sick mother, she sighed and told the Squirrel:

– Oh! I also want to go to my mother right away, but first, I have to finish washing these two pots!

– Wash those two pots then! – the angry Squirrel exclaimed! – Then you will live inside those pots for the rest of your life!

The two pots fell from the mother’s shelf and landed on the eldest daughter’s neck. She fell to the ground and turned into a turtle, living inside one of the pots (which had landed on top of her).

The Squirrel went to the second daughter’s house and knocked on her door. She replied:

– Ah! I will go to my mother right away if I’m not busy weaving cloth to sell at the market!

– If that’s the case, then you will weave cloth for the rest of your life!

The Squirrel finished speaking, and the second daughter turned into a spider.

When the Squirrel went to inform the youngest daughter, she was making dough. Without saying a word, without washing her hands, the youngest daughter hurried to her mother.

The Squirrel said lovingly:

– You will always bring joy and tenderness to everyone. Forever, you and your children will be loved by all.

Indeed, the youngest daughter lived a long life, was loved by everyone, and after she died, she turned into a bee.

During the summer, the bee collected nectar for people, and in the cold winter, she could rest in her hive, warm and full of delicious honey.

The Story of Three Daughters
– Tatar Folk Tale –

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