The Cockscomb Flower Legend – Vietnamese Fairy Tale

The story of the Cockscomb Flower legend

“The Cockscomb Flower Legend” is a poignant Vietnamese folk tale that encourages children to love and care for others.

Once upon a time, all hens boasted beautiful red combs, resembling the combs of today‘s roosters. One early morning, a hen caught sight of her reflection in a puddle and was delighted to see her comb resembling a cluster of red flowers. She joyfully flapped her wings and sang a familiar song of her rooster kin:

“Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck!
My comb has grown.
Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck!”

All creatures turned to admire the hen and praised her lovely new comb, exclaiming how pretty and charming it looked.

As the hen continued her search for food, she arrived at a lake, where she heard faint sobbing. She stopped, raised her head, blinked, and listened intently. She discovered a red-violet tree with long, slender leaves weeping alone. The hen approached the tree and gently inquired:

– What‘s wrong? Who made you sad?

The tree, its tears as clear as dewdrops, confided in the hen:

– All the trees around me have flowers, but I don‘t. Another tree just told me that even a hen like you has a flower on your head. Why don‘t I have one?

Before finishing, the tree cried again, its tears falling silently.

The hen wished to console the weeping tree, but her efforts were in vain. What could she do? Should she offer her own comb? After some thought, she made her decision.

– Alright, be quiet. I‘ll give you the flower on my head. Would you like that?

At the hen‘s words, the tree‘s spirits lifted, and it asked excitedly:

– Really? You‘re giving it to me?

– Yes, truly. I‘m giving you my flower. I‘m a hen and don‘t really need a bright red comb like that flower.

– That‘s wonderful! Thank you so much! – Exclaimed the tree.

The next morning, everyone was astonished to find the hen‘s beautiful red comb gone. In its place, a tall, red-stemmed plant by the water‘s edge bloomed with a stunning cluster of red flowers, identical to the hen‘s comb.

The flowering plant gratefully stretched towards the sunlight each morning, the light deepening the red hue of its flowers. It shared its story with friends who praised the hen‘s kind heart. Whenever the hen passed by, everything bowed in greeting and congratulation.

– May the kind heart of the hen bring forth precious pearls.

And so, the flower was named the Cockscomb Flower in honor of the hen‘s generosity. And every day, the hen laid an egg of exquisite pink beauty.

The story of the Cockscomb Flower legend
– Vietnamese Fairy Tale –

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