The Fox and the Crow – Aesop’s Fable

The Story of the Fox and the Crow

“The Fox and the Crow” is an Aesop’s fable that reminds us not to hastily believe in the sweet words and flattery of others in life.

Illustration: Ron Embleton

On a bright and sunny morning, a sly fox was wandering through the forest, looking for something delicious to eat. Suddenly, he spotted a crow perched on a nearby branch of a tree. The fox had seen many crows before, but this one was different – it had a piece of cheese in its beak!

Without hesitation, the fox approached the tree where the crow was sitting and complimented her beauty, hoping to flatter her into dropping the cheese.

“Good morning, you are such a beautiful creature,” he said, “with such lovely feathers and wonderful wings. I bet you have an amazing voice too, since everything else about you is perfect. If only you could sing me one song, I would proclaim you as the queen of all birds.”

The crow was a bit suspicious of the fox’s sudden kindness, but she was also flattered by his praise. So, forgetting about the cheese in her beak, she opened her beak to sing her loudest caw. As soon as she did, the cheese fell straight from her beak and into the fox’s waiting mouth.

With the cheese now in his possession, the fox sweetly thanked the crow before walking away.

“Thank you,” he said, “you do indeed have a lovely voice. But where are your wits? In the future, be careful who you trust.”

And with that, the fox went on his way, leaving the poor, foolish crow with an empty beak and a valuable lesson learned.

The Story of the Fox and the Crow
– Aesop’s Fable –

Lesson from the Fable of the Fox and the Crow

1. Lesson from the Crow

Through this fable, the ancient Greek writer Aesop wants to remind us that we should not be too quick to trust the flattering words of others. It is important to think carefully and weigh the consequences of our decisions before taking action.

2. Lesson from the Fox

Despite being portrayed as a cunning antagonist, the fox knows how to use its intelligence to achieve its goals. Therefore, if we learn to apply our intelligence in our daily lives, we can greatly increase our chances of success.

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