The Story of “The Peacock” – Aesop’s Fable

The Story of “The Peacock”

The story of “The Peacock” is an Aesop’s fable, reminding us to always consider the real consequences before deciding on something we desire.

Once upon a time, the Peacock was a plain bird with no remarkable feathers to distinguish him from the others. One day, he appealed to Juno, his favorite goddess, to grant him a train of feathers that would make him stand out. Juno obliged, adorning him with a dazzling array of emerald, gold, purple, and azure feathers. The Peacock was ecstatic with his new appearance and proudly flaunted his plumage.

The Peacock’s beauty was so alluring that even the most gorgeous pheasant envied him. However, the Peacock soon realized that his stunning feathers had a drawback. He saw an Eagle soaring high above him and felt the urge to fly again, just like he used to. He tried to take flight, but the weight of his magnificent train prevented him from doing so. Instead of gliding with the clouds or bathing in the sun’s warmth, he was grounded, weighed down, and unable to fly freely like he once did.

The Story of “The Peacock”
– Aesop’s Fable –

The Moral Lesson of the Story of “The Peacock”

The moral lesson of the story of “The Peacock” is that sometimes the things we desire come with a heavy price, and we should consider the consequences before pursuing them. In the story, the Peacock begged for stunning feathers to stand out from other birds, but he soon realized that the weight of his magnificent train prevented him from flying and enjoying the freedom he once had. The Peacock’s desire for beauty had come at the cost of his freedom, and he was left grounded and oppressed.

The story reminds us to be mindful of the potential consequences of our desires and to make wise decisions, as the cost may be greater than we realize.

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