The Story of “Two Goats” – Aesop’s Fable

The Story of “Two Goats”

The story of “Two Goats” is a famous fable by Aesop, reminding us to cooperate and compromise with each other in life.

Once upon a time, in a certain forest, there lived a Black Goat and a White Goat. One day, as fate would have it, they both needed to cross a narrow bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge was so narrow that it only had enough space for one goat to cross at a time.

The Black Goat arrived on one side of the bridge, while the White Goat approached from the other. Both goats were determined to cross first, and thus an argument ensued. Each goat was unwilling to yield to the other.

Despite their efforts, the dispute remained unresolved, and they ended up butting heads with each other. As a result, both goats tumbled off the bridge and into the stream below.

The Story of “Two Goats”
– Aesop’s Fable –

The Moral Lesson of the Story of “Two Goats”

The moral lesson of the story of “Two Goats” is to teach us the importance of cooperation and compromise in resolving conflicts. It shows that being stubborn and unwilling to compromise can lead to negative consequences, whereas working together can lead to positive outcomes.

In the story, both goats could have crossed the bridge safely if they had taken turns or found a way to cross together, but their refusal to cooperate led to their mutual downfall.

The Story of “Ethics and Being Human”

“The story of “Ethics and Being Human” is a meaningful story by the famous writer and poet Rasul Gamzatov from Dagestan, Russia. It is not only a lesson about selflessness but also a culture of behavior towards elderly people in society.

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An old man was visiting his friend and had to cross a narrow bridge. Seeing someone coming from the other direction, he turned back because the bridge was too narrow for two people to pass each other. The old man waited for each person to pass before proceeding, and eventually had to return home.

Someone asked the old man why he did that, and he said:

“I couldn’t cross the bridge because there were too many people passing by.”

“Sir! You’re mistaken, there were no people,” the person replied.

The old man seemed upset and said, “What? Do you think at my age I would lie?”

“No, sir! That’s not what I meant. There were no people on the bridge today. If there were, they would have given way for you to cross. Those who don’t respect the elderly are not worthy of being called humans.”

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