The Story of the Wise Parrot – Iranian Folk Tale

The Story of the Wise Parrot

The Wise Parrot is an Iranian folk tale about a caged parrot who, with the help of his own kind, found a way to return to a life of freedom.

Once upon a time, a Persian merchant (from present-day Iran) embarked on a trading journey to Central Africa. During his travels, he came across a magnificent parrot with a red crest and iridescent blue-green feathers. Smitten by its beauty, he brought the bird back home, where he built a lavish cage, adorned with gold paint, and hung it in a garden filled with African plants. He did this to provide comfort to the bird who was so far from home. To the merchant’s delight, the parrot spoke rather eloquently.

Soon, it was time for the merchant to set out on another voyage, and he asked the parrot if it had any messages to relay to its friends and family back in Central Africa:

– My dear parrot, I am journeying to your homeland in Central Africa. Do you have any message for your friends and family there?

The parrot answered:

– Please convey to my fellow birds that although I have an abundance of food, I remain thin and frail due to the longing for my verdant homeland, my friends, and my family. Ask them for their help in finding a way to return home.

Overhearing this, the merchant silently scoffed at the idea, thinking, “Are parrots not said to be foolish? I won’t be fooled by their ruse! I’m not that naive!”

Upon arrival in Central Africa, the merchant ventured to the familiar forest and encountered a group of parrots perched on a towering tree, among them, one resembling his beloved bird. He relayed the message, and to his astonishment, the red-tailed parrot listened attentively before growing somber. It ruffled its feathers, bowed its head, and plummeted down into the thick undergrowth below.

During his journey back to the boat, the merchant felt remorse for the unfortunate bird, thinking, “It must have loved my parrot so dearly to have become despondent and perished in such a manner.”

Upon returning home, the merchant recounted the events to his parrot. After hearing the story, the bird displayed great sorrow, closed its eyes, and eventually dropped to the bottom of its cage, seemingly lifeless. The merchant grieved, pondering:

– It appears that loyal and loving parrots are nobler than humans. Upon learning that its friend had died due to their separation, it could no longer endure the sadness and passed away too.

He then gently lifted the parrot from the cage, cradling it in his hand. Suddenly, the bird sprang to life, soaring up to a lofty tree where it perched and addressed the merchant:

– Thank you, kind master, for helping me discover the secret to freedom taught by my dear friend. Now, I shall return to the mountains and forests of my homeland. Farewell!

With that, the parrot took flight, soaring southwest towards its home.

With a newfound respect, the merchant mused to himself, “These parrots are indeed remarkably wise!

The Story of the Wise Parrot
– Iranian Folk Tale –

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