Two Friends and a Bear – Aesop’s Fable

The story of Two Friends and a Bear

“Two Friends and a Bear” is a famous fable by Aesop, which illustrates wit and criticizes those who abandon their friends in difficult times.

Illustration: Ron Embleton

Two friends were walking together in the forest. They were engrossed in conversation when suddenly a big bear jumped out and attacked them.

Both of them were frightened. One of them thought of his own safety and quickly climbed up a tree to escape. The other one was left alone on the ground and knew he couldn’t fight against such a large animal. He decided to play dead and lay motionless on the ground.

The bear approached him and sniffed around his face and ears. Thinking that he was dead, the bear left him alone and walked away.

After the bear was gone, the friend who had climbed the tree came down and asked the other:

– Hey, what did the bear say to you just now?

The other friend looked him straight in the eye and replied:

– The bear told me that a true friend will never abandon you, no matter what the circumstances.

The story of Two Friends and a Bear
– The Aesop Fable –

Meaning of the story Two Friends and a Bear

1. Lesson on Moral Values

The story criticizes those who abandon their friends in dangerous and difficult situations while praising human intelligence and resourcefulness.

2. Lesson on Life Skills

If we look at it from the reverse perspective, the friend who climbed up the tree may not be considered a good friend, but this can still be understandable.

Sometimes when facing imminent danger, it’s important to anticipate the worst possible outcomes and quickly find a way to escape, which is a necessary life skill. In this case, staying behind with no means of helping would have been a futile sacrifice for both of them.

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